After spending 7 years as an intern in one of the best clinics in Bulgaria, I decided it was time to go on my own and create my own practice. Coldy Dent was established in September 2012. After we moved between premises several times, in 2015 the clinic found its current home. Initially it consisted of a single consulting room/surgery and a photo studio, because from the very beginning taking pictures of patients in the process of work was extremely important to me.


Over the years, the clinic has been developing in parallel with my development as a specialist and with the knowledge and skills I acquire from world forums, trainings and practices in foreign clinics. This led to the need for more space, modern and different equipment, and gradually over the years the clinic has expanded. The need for a specialised orthodontic room arose, which necessitated the emergence of a second consulting room. In 2016, I rented the premise next-door and opened a dental laboratory. In 2017 we added an office part to the clinic. In 2019 – another room for surgeries. In 2020, all these premises became one and today the clinic, laboratory and office operate together.


Our mission

We treat patients in the true sense of the word ‘treatment’. We give them not only beauty, we give them the opportunity not just to smile, but to enjoy that smile.

Patients who come to us have serious problems that we manage to solve, and the beauty of their smile, the aesthetics, comes as a ‘gift’ in addition to the fact that we have solved a much more serious problem or disease.


We practice biophysiological orthodontics and biophysiological dentistry – we combine biology, physiology, function, aesthetics. We bring in all the sections with which our body functions.

Over the years, I was able to understand that our body functions as a whole and that our intervention in the patient’s mouth affects and has a consequence even in the feet. I have always tried to study the whole body and to be able, when analysing a case, to first understand what problem the patient has, because it gives me clarity about the diagnosis. This helps me prioritise the different strategies so that I can create a comprehensive treatment plan for the patient, in which, I dare say, we are the best. And only then, last, comes the technique, i.e. what braces, what implants, what restorations, because what I notice in modern medicine and dentistry is that colleagues look first at the technique and at what and to do and how to do it, without knowing exactly what is being treated. Guided by these three things, I was always interested in how my work would reflect on the patient’s biochemistry, on the feet, lower back, pelvis and the rest of the body, so that when I treat something, I do not harm the patient in the first place, and, secondly, so that with my work I possibly help the overall adequate holistic existence of the patient.


It is important to be able to develop both in the area of giving better solutions and treatments to patients, and in the scientific area. Over the years we have established good partnerships with some of the best professionals in dental medicine outside Bulgaria. We are discussing together the solutions to some of our cases. We are members of Slavicek’s school, and thus have the opportunity to communicate directly with some of the best scientists in the world. This in turn gives us access to information that helps us find better, faster and more accurate solutions to difficult cases in our practice.


During the lectures I have delivered in different parts of the world, I had the opportunity to meet many big names in our field. Some of them became my mentors whose trainings I attended and from whom I learn to this day. I maintain frequent contact with others, exchanging professional opinions, advice and ideas for the treatment of complex cases that arise in their or our practice.

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