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Dr. Jana Denzel has a Bachelor of Science in Biology with Psychology from Queen Mary University of London, followed by a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from Universidad Europea. He currently practices as a private cosmetic dentist in London, UK, bringing a unique holistic approach to dentistry, where mind, body and teeth are contemplated as one. Deeply invested in understanding his patient’s needs, Slow Dentistry® is a fundamental part of his daily work, where the 4 cornerstones of our work philosophy aid and support everything he strives for in the clinic. ⠀ ⠀ With a keen interest in how technology can shape the future of dentistry, Dr. Denzel is chief dental officer at Manchester Imaging, a spin-out from the Manchester School of Dentistry and Faculty of Imaging Sciences established in 2014 which aims to incorporate artificial intelligence into dental diagnosis. He also regularly attends expert training, conferences and courses worldwide, conducted by top pioneers in the dental industry. When he’s not recording YouTube educational videos for his patients or episodes for his podcast, ‘Secrets to Success’, Dr. Denzel can be seen and heard lecturing across Europe on the topic of Dental Psychology and Dental Anxiety. Whatever his endeavour, the goal is always one: connect dentists around the world to help one another, to help the profession to grow.⠀

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