Dr Steffen Ulbrich

Dr. Ulbrich graduated in 1989 from Medical Academy ,,Carl Gustav Carus" in Dresden, he's a Swiss dentist for more than 30 years with competence in functional  and aesthetic dentistry. His main concern is to contribute to the general health stability of patients with the possibilities of the modern dentistry. Beside the guiding principle of function, red and white aesthetic under control, he cares for his patients knowing that the human is a unit where biology ( biological dentistry ) and nutrition ( orthomolecular medicine ) play more and more an important role. As a dentist with passion and one of the most prestigious aesthetic dentistry personalities, he is located in 3 different dental offices in Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein. Working with top dental technicians in the world like Willi Geller & digital tech Miladinov Milos, the natural results are more than amazing and patients have confident smiles they desire. Dr Steffen works at three clinics: Klinik Prof. Sailer Zürich Smile Center Wolfurt Austria Zahnärzte Vaduz Süd

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