Dr. Venezia Specialized Dentistry

Our Dental Center: The Venezia Specialist Dental Center was founded on 2018 in Poleg, Netanya, Israel. The clinic is a multidisciplinary center, that comprises Periodontology, Endodontology, Prosthodontics and Aesthetic Dentistry at the highest level of care. The Venezia Specialist Dental Center was founded with a yearning to be highly attentive for the patient's needs and wishes, while offering best clinical and ethical care. The lead doctor and owner of the center, Dr. Eyal Venezia, is both an Israeli ministry of health, and also European federation of periodontology certified periodontist with more than 20 years of professional experience. Dr. Venezia is a member of the Israel dental association and The American Academy of Periodontology for the last 20 years. Dr. Venezia is proficient in various disciplines of surgical procedures. Dr. Venezia is colleagued by his wife, Dr. Nuphar Blau-Venezia, an Israeli ministry of health certified endodontist. Dr. Blau-Venezia holds a position as a member of the Department of Endodontology in the Maurice and Gabriela Goldschleger School of Dental Medicine in Tel Aviv University, serving as an instructor for the post graduate endodontic program, teaching endodontic residents. Dr. Blau-Venezia also serves as the Head instructor of undergraduate endodontology program in the same institution. Being a married couple, both doctors share the same ideology: To treat all patients as extended family members, to be preservative and maintain oral health, to stay current with the continuing advancement of dental medicine and to treat their patients with friendly and meticulous means. Our dental staff also accounts for Dr. Orit Shakartsi-Amar, an Israeli ministry of health certified prosthodontist, Dr. Adi Akcerman, a pedodontic resident and Dr. Galit Talmor who is a general dental surgeon oriented on adhesive restorative treatments with special emphasis on direct complex restorations. Dr Talmor lectures locally and internationally, sharing her wide experience and knowledge.Dr. Talmor lectures and holds practical workshops in the field of prosthetic and restorative dentistry, focusing on direct and indirect composite restorations. The very skilled staff is dedicated to make every treatment, regardless minor or major meet the patient's satisfaction and approval. All doctors use high magnification, whether loops or dental operating microscopes, and use rubber dam in all dental procedures allowing its use. Our dental treatment centers are equipped with advanced self- rinsing mechanisms allowing hydrogen peroxide disinfection, and chemical disinfection for the evacuation system before and after every patient, and before and after each working day.

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