Gikas Dental Care: FIRST Slow Dentistry Clinic in Greece

George Gikas is a Dental Surgeon offering his services within the region of Alexandroupolis, for more than 17 years. At Gikas Dental Care, he has undertaken and successfully dealt with both simple and more complicated cases, on natural teeth and implant-supported prosthesis, making use of aesthetic, restorative and microscopic dentistry, as well as applications of endodontics and implantology. Passionate about his profession to the last detail, he initiated applying Microscopic Dentistry in 2018 and is currently organizing the seminar The Micro Project for Dentists, focused on the use of microscope in daily dental practice. In parallel, he continuously attends specialized seminars in order to keep in touch with new Dental techniques and applications. He is a member of the International Team of Implantology (ITI) and other Greek and international scientific communities. He has presented one of the 1st case of Prosthetically Driven, Computer-Guided Implant Planning in Greece at the 32nd Panhellenic Dentistry Congress, as well as numerous other cases at ITI conferences and at the North Eastern Greece section Study Club.

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