Presidental esthetics center: FIRST Slow Dentistry Clinic in Egypt

Dr. Karem M. Ibrahim Head of clinic Educational Background MOI Speaker Lecturer for the MOI program, Goethe University Frankfurt AM Main "Masters of Oral Implantology". Enrolled in The Master of Dental Technology. Goethe University - Frankfurt am Main. (2019 - present) Mastership in Lasers Dentistry. Aachen University, Germany (January 2017 - December 2017.) Certified Trained Specialist in Intra-oral Welding. Bologna, Italy. (January 2016 - Present) Enrolled in a Doctor of Dental Science in the field of Oral Implantology. Goethe University - Frankfurt am Main. (2015 - Present) Master's Degree, Oral Implantology. Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main (2011 - 2014) Examined Expert of DGOI (2013) Diplomat of ICOI Surgical & Prosthetics oral implantology. (2013) Specialist for Surgical & Prosthetic Oral Implantology of the DGOI. (2008) Fellowship of ICOI implantology. (2007) Ain Shams University Bachelor's Degree, dental science and surgery. (2000 - 2005) Deutsche Evangelische Oberschule High School, Graduation with honors. (2000) Experience Accredited Tutor, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main (April 2016 - Present) Head of Organization and Chairman of the International Congress that was organized and held by Presidental Esthetics Center and Institue 2019 - Present) CEO of Presidental Esthetics Center and Institute. (2017 - 2019) Chairman of presidential esthetics center and institute. (2019 - Present) Member of scientific Board for Oral Implantology Misr International University (2012 - Present) Member of Board of International Affiliation. Misr International University (2016 - Present) Lecturer for Oral Implantology in several International Courses and Congresses. (2014 - Present) Lecturer for Oral Implantology for Pre-graduates, Internship Year and Post-graduates. Misr International University (2014 - Present) Founding partner and Specialist for Oral Implantology at Presidental Esthetics center & institute Currently extended to three dental centers (2008 - 2017) .Co-founder of Presidentalesthetic dental lab. (All ceramic CAD/CAM based dental lab). Currently extended to two dental labs (2008- 2017)

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