Our founder Dr. Stanley writes for Ortho

Dr. Miguel Stanley, our founder and one of the top 100 dentists in the world, just penned a deep dive into the ongoing and interesting debate: can Slow Dentistry® be digital? The article in Ortho – International Magazine of Orthodontics, published by Dental Tribune International, raises important questions: As one of the fastest growing dental networks in the world, that adamantly promotes slow and safe dentistry, what is the role of digital technology and workflows in the Slow Dentistry® mission? Can the two work together harmoniously? Will one inadvertently speed up the other? Is that the goal?

As Dr. Miguel Stanley explains: “…we understand that digital technology is a growing part of the workflow in the modern dental practice. It truly speeds things up and allows us to do so much more with a higher degree of precision.” Now, this doesn’t mean dentists will be speeding through their day, consulting as many patients as possible. On the contrary, it means having the time and the resources to ensure quality care and follow-up for patients and a stress-free, streamlined work process for practitioners.

And, ultimately, that’s the true Slow Dentistry® goal.

Original article: http://epaper.dental-tribune.com/dti/6076b7b854d31/#0