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and patients worldwide​.

Slow Dentistry is an independent global network of dentists and clinics that share a philosophy aimed at building trust with patients, while providing a work ethic and cornerstones that benefit everyone. We are the only non-profit organisation on the planet that upholds and practises ethical, high-quality dentistry, for stress-free dental experiences.

Who can become a member?



Whether you own one or multiple clinics, you’re invited to join our premium network of high-quality practices that are shaping the future of oral healthcare around the world.


Our global network is also open to dentists who work at clinics because what you practice every single day is what you stand for.


Recent graduates also have a place in Slow Dentistry as they begin to navigate the industry, wholly supported by a network of like-minded, experienced professionals.

What our members love the most
about Slow Dentistry


The fact that the patient, their safety, expectations, comfort and wellbeing are always a top priority. As are stress-free experiences in the dentist’s chair.

Dynamic network

Feeling the continuous support and energy of a vibrant and active network of like-minded professionals is priceless. There is always someone to connect with.

The 4 Cornerstones

Anaesthesia, Rubber Dam, Room Disinfection, Informed Consent: a simple, easy-to-implement protocol that is changing the way dentists work and the way patients view dentistry.

Continuous support & promotion

Whether online or offline, this community grows together and stays together. How? By promoting members and their work, by providing Slow Dentistry information and material.


The slow down mindset doesn’t mean working slowly. It means taking the time to invest in training and rest, to listen and talk to patients, to plan the best treatments, to deliver quality care.

Slow Dentistry is life-changing dentistry.
For you, for your practice, for your patients.

Our ambassadors

Our growing network thrives with the inspiring contributions of professionals that uphold a slow and safe dental practice every single day. Our Honorary Global Ambassadors lend their phenomenal talent and remarkable dedication to one important vision: supporting and promoting a valuable work ethic for practitioners, alongside a comfortable and consented dental experience for patients. 

These are the amazing professionals that are having open and honest conversations with their patients.

These are the amazing professionals that are making dentistry a more stress-free experience for patients worldwide. One appointment at a time.

Dr. Simon Chard

“I am very proud to be a Slow Dentistry Ambassador. The concepts of Slow Dentistry are central pillars to the way I look after my patients on a day-to-day basis. I am incredibly passionate about their mission to improve the standard of dentistry across the world!”

Dr. Markus Engelschalk

“Just show Slow Dentistry everywhere you can – especially to your patients.”

Dr. Rhona Eshander

“Slow Dentistry – the epitome of excellence in dentistry. I made active changes to ensure that my patients received the best. This is a platform that is long-awaited. I am honoured to be part of something that is set to shape the dental sphere, through its patient-centred approach.”

Dr. Miguel Stanley

“Slow Dentistry has resonated around the world and is growing exponentially.”

Dr. Isaac Tawil

“Our purpose at Slow Dentistry is to remind our clinicians that quality of care with efficiency should always triumph over speed for production. Prioritizing concern for patient wellbeing is what makes Slow Dentistry clinicians some of the finest in the world.”

Dr. Mark Bowes

“To do something well is great, but to do something extraordinarily well is what our patients want. I realised that taking time in dentistry allowed me to surpass my patients’ expectations! This is the core of Slow Dentistry.”

Slow Dentistry around the world

We are the fastest growing dental network in the world, with more than 200 certified clinics and practitioners in over 40 countries. 

We are the fastest growing dental network in the world,
with more than 200 certified clinics and practitioners in over 60 countries. 

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Get ready to slow down with us for a few minutes.

That’s all it takes to become a Slow Dentistry member.

Slow Dentistry is changing the way dentists practice dentistry and the way patients are experiencing their dental appointments. Gold standard treatment is the future of oral healthcare.

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