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At Slow Dentistry, practising gold standard and safe dentistry goes hand-in-hand with providing premium dental services and support through our global partners, which means only working with the best products and services on the market. Our shared values – patient-centred innovation, trust, changing lives – are our shared mission in building foundations in ethical dentistry.

Together, we are raising the bar.

IAOMT – International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology

Leaders in science-based biological dentistry, IAOMT brings together world-class dentists, health professionals and scientists who research the biocompatibility of dental products. A non-profit organisation dedicated to the mission of protecting public health and the environment since 1984, always with their eyes set on tomorrow.

Global Child Dental Fund

Working tirelessly on behalf of youth-oriented oral health, the Global Child Dental Fund’s gracious mission is to ensure that the most disadvantaged children, from the most deprived communities around the world, have access to dental care and do not suffer from dental decay in their lifetime.

Beide - Be International Dental Expert

A true reference in the industry, Beide consistently supports professionals in the dental industry by boosting their education and professional development through access to first level educational resources, both on a national and international level.

Hungarian Dental Association

Founded in 1878, the oldest Hungarian dental society balances strong traditions with new developments, as it upholds its goal to support and represent its practitioners on both the national and international stage. In order to keep professional standards high, HAD focuses on continuing education and scientific training, the publication of the only internationally acknowledged Hungarian dental journal, and the regular organisation of conferences.

Carestream Dental

A worldwide provider of the latest high-quality scanning technology, accurate imaging software and data management solutions, Carestream Dental always places great care and expertise in every single solution it launches.


An ergonomically-designed, high-quality pillow that widens the extension of the patient’s neck in the dental chair, Happynecks allows the practitioner to maintain a correct posture during the entire treatment, while offering the patient complete comfort and stability.


Bluem is a leading oral health company that offers a wide range of superior oxygen-activated products. These award-winning, revolutionary oral care essentials are a non-invasive, healthy new approach to oral care that is designed for daily prevention and maintenance, pre-surgery prep and post-surgery healing.


Creating innovative, high-end solutions that have been shaping technological progress for the past 175 years, Zeiss is constantly advancing the world of optics, optoelectronics and related fields with its leading solutions. Think world-class medical technology, ophthalmic and magnifying visual devices for crystal clear vision.

We are a global network of like-minded professionals, thinkers, doers and teachers who share a passion for excellence in dentistry and a full-fledged dedication to patients.

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