Are you a recent graduate?

Slow Dentistry needs you!

Young Advocates start off strong

We remember very well what it was like to be a recent dental school graduate and the thrill, but also the uncertainty, of beginning to navigate the industry. A dynamic support network of experienced and dedicated professionals was exactly what we needed. And that’s exactly what you get as a Slow Dentistry member. 


If you’re interested in becoming a member and run a private practice, we have an exclusive membership just for you.


Don’t own your own clinic? No problem. Our global network has a membership for freelance dentists and those who are employed by others.

The Slow Dentistry benefits

There are so many great reasons to become a Slow Dentistry member:
Professional profile on our website
Supporting materials for courses & webinars
Social media & newsletter coverage
Special offers from global partners

Access to exclusive events & opportunities
Active support network

When you join the Slow Dentistry network you’re not just joining the future of oral healthcare, you’re creating your own future.

Your membership counts

If gold standard oral healthcare, excellence in safety and hygiene, long-lasting and trust-filled practitioner-patient relationships, alongside an amazing network of like-minded professionals speak to you, we’re saving you a seat with your name on it.


Our Young Advocate Membership was created just for you.