Our memberships
created for you

Our memberships
created for you

Our network is global not only because it spans the globe, but because it includes all dental professionals, whether they own their own private practice or are part of a team at a dental clinic.


Our mission is inclusive, multi-dimensional and consists of members from across the field – single dentists, freelance dentists, biological dentists, digital dentists, hygienists, educators and clinics.


All are welcome, all are essential to our vision.

Slow Dentistry is a Global Network that welcomes all dental professionals: single clinics and multiple clinics, educators, hygienists, digital dentists, biological dentists, and single dentists. This means that even if you don’t work in a Slow Dentistry certified clinic or if you’re currently a dental student, a recent grad or have just begun your career, you can still become a member. 




Whether you own one or multiple clinics, you’re invited to join our premium network of high-quality practices that are shaping the future of oral healthcare around the world.


Our global network is also open to dentists who work at clinics because what you practice every single day is what you stand for.


Recent graduates also have a place in Slow Dentistry as they begin to navigate the industry, wholly supported by a network of like-minded, experienced professionals.

To celebrate the launch of our new membership categories,
we’re offering a limited time discount to welcome you!

Do you have your own clinic?

Whether you have a single clinic or multiple clinics, you are welcome to join our Global Network. You can become a Slow Dentistry certified member with one or with all. Your comprehensive knowledge and experience are valued.

Do you work in a clinic?

Not owning your own private practice is not an exclusion factor to become a Slow Dentistry certified member – on the contrary! Our Global Network is a space for all dental professionals to come together and share their passion and dedication to safe and quality dentistry.

Everyone has equal access to Slow Dentistry. It couldn’t be any other way.

Trust, safety, ethics, excellence:
we all have a crucial role in the future of gold standard oral healthcare.