Slow Dentistry clinics are the future of oral healthcare.

We want yours to help us shape it.

The power of a powerful network​

Running a private practice is equal parts thrilling, satisfying and exhausting. We know. We also know that becoming a Slow Dentistry member will change the way you practice dentistry for the better: safer and stress-free.


When you join our dynamic network of leading clinics you’ll find trusted and supportive colleagues who not only share our core values, but are making a deep impact in the dentistry field. And this is possible because they are no longer rushing or cutting corners, their teams are no longer strained and their patients are happy and confident.


Don’t own your own clinic? No problem. Our global network has a membership for freelance dentists and those who are employed by others.


As a recent dental grad, if you think there isn’t room for you at Slow Dentistry, think again! We created a special membership with you in mind.

The Slow Dentistry benefits

There are so many great reasons to become a Slow Dentistry member:
Clinic profile on our website
Internationally certified practice
Credibility and competitive advantage
Less clinical and business risks
Access to exclusive events & opportunities
Social media & newsletter coverage

If you’re a dentist looking to expand your practice, while making quality time for yourself and your patients, this is the network you want to invest in.

Your membership counts

Private dental clinics are a foundational pillar in this industry, creating inspiring and life-changing work, while sustaining strong, long-term outcomes for both practitioners and patients. It’s a balance called gold standard dentistry. If you’re focused on raising the bar when it comes to ethical oral healthcare, we believe your practice belongs right here.


And that’s exactly why our Clinic Membership exists.