Calling all single practitioners!

We’re looking for you!

Everyone is important

If you’ve ever thought that Slow Dentistry isn’t for you because you don’t have your own private practice, think again! Our global network is open to dentists who work at clinics that are not their own because what you practice every single day is what you stand for. And when we stand together, amazing things happen.


If you’re interested in becoming a member and run a private practice, we have an exclusive membership just for you.


As a recent dental grad, if you think there isn’t room for you at Slow Dentistry, think again! We created a special membership with you in mind.

The Slow Dentistry benefits

There are so many great reasons to become a Slow Dentistry member:
Professional profile on our website
Certificate of accreditation
Social media & newsletter coverage
Special offers from global partners

Access to exclusive events & opportunities
Active support network

Experience first-hand what Slow Dentistry can mean for you and your career.

Your membership counts

We are the only non-profit organisation on the planet that upholds and practices ethical, high-quality dentistry, for stress-free dental experiences… and your contribution to this ongoing mission is essential.


It’s time to claim your spot in the Slow Dentistry Global Network.


Our Single Practitioner Membership was exclusively designed for you.