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Dr. Miguel Stanley founded Slow Dentistry in 2015 with one important goal in mind: advance the standards of oral healthcare worldwide while building trust with patients. How? By providing a work ethic and cornerstones that benefit everyone.
For those who have been paying attention to the latest news in the technology space, you will most certainly have noticed that OpenAI recently launched ChatGPT, a new artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot. It is amazing to see how this technology works and how quickly it can do incredibly complex tasks and have virtually all the information that is online at your disposal in a matter of seconds.
When it comes to health, not all people are the same and some are more sensitive than others. Those who manage skin conditions on a daily basis know this very well. What they might not know is that there is a strong link between managing oral health and managing a variety of skin conditions.
The link between poor oral health and eye conditions, particularly glaucoma, is an emerging area of interest in medical research. And just further scientific evidence that every single organ in our body is connected to our mouth, from the brain and the eyes to the gut and the heart.
Dealing with fertility challenges can be an emotional journey for many couples. Johns Hopkins research from 2022 reveals that “while U.S. infertility rates have stabilized, the issue persists for numerous individuals”. And we all know someone who has or is dealing with reproductive issues. But did you know that oral health can also affect fertility?
While mainstream dentistry focuses primarily on mechanical issues, a biological dentist will focus primarily on the immune system and the neuropathic system. This means focusing on removing all toxicity and inflammation from teeth and surrounding bone to help the patient regain vitality, energy, systemic health and boost longevity. Immune dentistry helps reconnect the missing link between healthy teeth and a healthy gut.
The dental community has known for decades about the correlation between oral health and cardiac health or better yet, between oral inflammation and heart disease. It’s not just about healthy teeth and gums anymore, it is also about the quality of your dental treatments.
I’ve been connecting the dots between oral health and general health for over 25 years now and that connection is not only undeniable, but has become increasingly significant as we clearly understand that if something is wrong in the body, the diagnosis process may very well need to begin with the mouth.
I am very passionate about surgery, and my days are typically taken up with treating complex cases with my long-time team at the White Clinic, in Lisbon, Portugal. And I am very passionate about connecting systemic health to dental health.
In addition to being recognised for outstanding dedication to patients in everything from awareness and information, to top-level medical and gold standard dental practices, Slow Dentistry members benefit from a wide range of advantages and they are all impacting the future of gold standard oral healthcare as we write.
Our first words are simple, yet filled with gratitude: thank you. Whether you’re a member, a sponsor, a Global Ambassador, a friend or a follower, your commitment to Slow Dentistry is greatly appreciated.
I recently sat down in the Netherlands with Karma Dental Philosophy for a great webinar where we discussed so many insightful questions that are at the core of the current state of dentistry, where it’s headed and how it differs across the globe.
In psychology, burn-out is defined as a state of physical and emotional exhaustion. It can occur when we experience long-term stress in our job or when we work in a physically or emotionally draining role.
The dental industry is doing its best to forestall the increasing number of employee turnover and attrition amidst inflation in a post-pandemic world. Clinic owners are facing a bewildering conundrum of applicant shortage and misfits, staffing needs beyond the norm, and patients’ demand for excellence. 
There are many challenges facing the modern dentist today. It does not really matter if you are a dentist just beginning your career or a senior practitioner with a network of clinics. These challenges all boil down to a few simple commonalities: we all have to keep our patients happy, and we all have to keep them coming back.
Our Global Network’s co-founder, Dr. Miguel Stanley, has been named one of the “32 Most Influential People in Dentistry” by Incisal Edge magazine, alongside some of the biggest names in the field, which means congratulations are definitely in order!
The Slow Dentistry Global Network has a new general secretary and it is with great pleasure that we welcome Dr. Huthaifa AbdulQader, who brings extensive leadership and project management experience to this important role in our dynamic and growing organisation.
Dr. Stanley was invited to lecture alongside a few of the most prominent periodontist in the world to discuss a unique bio material that contains hyaluronic acid that is used to accelerate the formation of collagen. This allows for a faster and more predictable bone regeneration. As always, Dr. Stanley only chooses the best for his patients and his team.
These days, there is a growing emphasis on quality over quantity, that is, preferring an object or service that is worthwhile rather than a quick and easy fix.

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