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The Slow Dentistry Global Network is comprised of over 200 certified clinics and dentists that have fearlessly opened the door to ethically-responsible dentistry, where patients come first and practitioners have all the tools and the time necessary to make that happen.

Wherever we are, we have no boundaries or limitations, our language is responsible, our vision and our cornerstones are universal.

We are present in over 40 countries across the globe, with a thriving network of clinics, dentists and hygienists who are slowing down, focusing on the essence of dentistry and consolidating relationships of trust and understanding with their patients.

Are you the next Slow Dentistry member?

Join us today and become part of the largest and fastest growing dentistry network on the planet.

Do you have a specific question regarding the Slow Dentistry Global Network, our members or how you can be a part of this outstanding community? Take a look at our FAQ section or drop us a line.