Good things take time

and Slow Dentistry members have all the time in the world for their patients

Slow Dentistry is about connecting dental professionals with patients who seek superior oral healthcare.

What is superior oral healthcare?

Respect and attention, clear communication and information. 

Simple and complex procedures explained step-by-step.

Zero trauma, less dental phobia and anxiety.

Comfortable dental environments with top-quality materials.

Standard cornerstones guaranteed: informed consent, room disinfection,
rubber dam, proper anaesthesia.

Personalised treatment plans.

Safe, stress-free, pain-free dental care.

Scientifically-backed protocols.

High-end technology. 

A more relaxed dental experience.

Motivation for taking care of your oral health.

You’ll experience all this at Slow Dentistry certified clinics and practitioner’s offices.
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We are a community-based oral healthcare organisation that brings together like-minded professionals, practitioners and clinics from around the world. Over 200 members in more than 60 countries to be precise.

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