The Loyalty Program
for our most loyal supporters

As we continue to bring gold standard oral healthcare to the four corners of the planet, the members that embody our dynamic global network continue by our side, every step of the way.


We feel supported.
We want you to feel the same.

Advocating for Slow Dentistry,
with advantages

With the goal of continuously growing our network in the company of other outstanding, like-minded professionals, we’ve created a program that allows our members to refer friends and colleagues to the Slow Dentistry mission. With clear advantages for everyone.

Support Slow Dentistry
Slow Dentistry supports you

Giving and receiving is part of the power of support, and we invite all our trusted and valued members to participate in our Loyalty Program.

In addition to supporting our work and encouraging new members to join the Slow Dentistry Global Network, the value of these benefits are easily measured:

Number of Referrals Discount on next membership fee
Refer 1 member 25% off
Refer 2 members 30% off
Refer 3 members 50% off
Refer 5 members 80% off
Refer 7 members 100% off

The more colleagues a member refers and who effectively join our network, the greater the discount on their membership renewal fee.


All referred members get 10% off their own Slow Dentistry membership when they sign up within 30 days of their referral.

The only way to continue to positively impact oral healthcare with premium dentistry is together. Each one of us can make a difference, in more ways than one.
Slow Dentistry thanks you. Slow Dentistry rewards you.