The power of a powerful network

The power of a powerful network

Becoming a Slow Dentistry member means joining a dynamic network of leading clinics and doctors who not only share our core values, but are making a deep impact in the dentistry field. This is possible because professionals are no longer rushing or cutting corners, their teams are no longer stressed and their patients are happy and confident. 

Everyone is focused on what matters: gold standard dentistry.
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5 great reasons to become a Slow Dentistry member

Be an active part of a dynamic global network of practitioners and ambassadors that share the same mission: safe and ethical dentistry for everyone.

Slow Dentistry endorses 4 cornerstones that will guide the way you practice patient-centred dentistry that is always informed, consented and anxiety-free.

Gain credibility and competitive advantage over non-Slow Dentistry practitioners, reduce clinical and business risks.

Practicing responsible dentistry means solidifying your team’s confidence in the care they provide.

Practicing responsible dentistry means strengthening patient confidence.

A deep commitment to slowing down and making time for all things dentistry.
That’s what it’s all about.

Slow Dentistry benefits​

In addition to being recognised for your outstanding dedication to your patients in everything from awareness and information, to top-level medical and dental practices, Slow Dentistry members benefit from many advantages:

Your practice becomes internationally certified in excellence and safety.

Access to exclusive in-person and online events.

Special discounts and offers on innovative technologies from our global partners.
Access to supporting materials for ministering courses or webinars using our brand and concept.
Social media coverage on our different platforms.
The chance to be an active part of a network of fantastic and ethical professionals who support each other.
Preferred access to other local and international associations and their benefits.

Introducing our work

Our global network of like-minded professionals are focused on raising the bar when it comes to safe, gold standard and honourable dentistry. We have over 200 members, in 40 countries across the globe and haven’t stopped expanding yet.

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Who can become a Slow member?

Who can become a
Slow member?


Single Dentists

Digital Dentists

Biological Dentists


Single Clinics

Multiple Clinics

Our cornerstones, our commitment

The foundations of Slow Dentistry are four low-cost, easy to implement, highly effective cornerstones that bring comfort,
safety and clarity to both practitioners and patients in dental clinics everywhere.

These cornerstones don’t require special training or additional investment,
which means you can literally start practicing them in your clinic today.

Become a Slow Dentistry member, learn all about them and change the way you practice dentistry forever.

Are you a practitioner looking to expand your practice,
while making quality time for yourself and your patients?

We’re thrilled to support you in that goal and ready to walk you through the simple member registration process:


Head over to our MEMBERSHIP
section to sign up.


Fill out the registration form with your information and complete the payment.


As soon as your information is processed, you will be officially contacted by the Slow Dentistry team.