Remain at the forefront of quality and safe dental patient care

Demonstrate to current and prospective patients that you practice high quality and safe dentistry endorsed by an international third party.


As a Slow Dentistry Global Network® member you will

Join our remarkable Global Network of practitioners and Honorary Global Ambassadors

Enhance customer confidence

Gain competitive advantage

Give your team confidence in the care they provide

Offer owners security that their investment is being protected

Reduce clinical and business risk

How does it work?

Once you become a member, you will receive a Slow Dentistry Global Network® welcome on all our Social Media channels. Our team will reach out to you so you can provide them with all the elements needed for a top Slow Dentistry Global Network® social media post!
You will also be listed on our Find A Clinic directory, with a direct link to your website, making it easy for prospective patients to find you.

By joining our global network you will receive an official Slow Dentistry Global Network® certificate so you can show your patients that you’re committed to patient safety and quality care. Memberships are renewed yearly and in compliance with the Slow Dentistry Global Network® Cornerstones.

If you are joining us from a non -OECD country (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), you will receive a special discount in all of your yearly membership fees.
Please contact us for more information on this.

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In order to provide high quality and safe patient care, a Slow Dentistry Global Network® certified practice must comply with the following Cornerstones:

Room Disinfection

Proper disinfection protocols applied to the room’s surfaces, dental chair and instruments

Informed Consent

Obtain from patients an informed consent of the treatment plan and costs prior to starting treatment

Proper Anaesthesia

When required, anaesthetic will be applied and the appropriate time will be invested in assuring full numbness

Use of Rubber Dam

A rubber dam will be used to prevent cross-contamination for root canal and filling treatments