In addition to being recognised for outstanding dedication to patients in everything from awareness and information, to top-level medical and dental practices, Slow Dentistry members benefit from a wide range of advantages and they are all impacting the future of gold standard oral healthcare as we write.

1. A variety of memberships

Our mission is inclusive, multi-dimensional and consists of members from across the field – single dentists, freelance dentists, biological dentists, digital dentists, hygienists, educators, clinics, and even students. Which means we have 3 specific memberships to choose from: Clinic, Single Practitioner and Young Advocate.

2. International certification

As a Slow Dentistry member, you receive an internationally certified accreditation in excellence and safety that you can display in your practice and add to your professional CV.

3. Easy-to-implement cornerstones

Our vision for premium dentistry starts with 4 easy-to-implement, low-cost cornerstones that any professional can immediately begin to put into practice in their daily work. The Slow Dentistry guidelines are simple, but impactful. 

4. The Loyalty Program

We believe in paying it forward, which means our Loyalty Program was designed to reward those members who support the growth of our Global Network by referring like-minded friends and colleagues. 

5. Branding & Communication

Each Slow Dentistry member is unique and an inspiration to our network, which means we make it a point to share their outstanding work on all our different communication platforms, which includes regular social media coverage.

6. Our partners are your partners

We only work with the best products and services on the market, so that we can offer our members the very best as well, and that includes special discounts and offers on innovative technologies from our global partners.

7. Special offers

Every single Slow Dentistry member also benefits from preferred access to a variety of local and international associations and their advantages, including admission to exclusive in-person and online events.

8. Supporting materials

We have a host of promotional materials (institutional presentation, logos, digital badges, roll-up…) that are available to our members for ministering courses or webinars using our brand and concept. Members are free to access these supporting materials here.

9. Always up-to-date

Connecting with our community one-on-one is essential, and our newsletter is not only the perfect way to reach out directly, but also a great channel for keeping our members up-to-date on all our latest news and interesting industry information. 

10. Dynamic dentistry organisation

We’re proud to be the fastest growing and most dynamic dentistry organisation in the world. With over 200 active members in 60 countries across the globe – and counting – we are a proactive network of fantastic and ethical professionals who continuously support each other.

Ready to join us?

The Slow Dentistry Global Network is ready to welcome you!

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