Our first words are simple, yet filled with gratitude: thank you. Whether you’re a member, a sponsor, a Global Ambassador, a friend or a follower, your commitment to Slow Dentistry is greatly appreciated. It’s precisely this type of outstanding dedication that has truly contributed to our organisation’s growth and reputation. Every single Slow Dentistry advocate has helped build the legacy that is paving the way for what is most important today – community.

Our work

Slow Dentistry is a community-based oral healthcare organisation that brings together like-minded professionals, practitioners and clinics from around the world. We share a patient-centred and gold standard approach to dentistry, sustained by ethics and our 4 universally accepted cornerstones.

Together, we are creating stress-free, high-quality dental experiences for everyone.
Together, we are building a superior oral healthcare legacy.

Our community

With over 200 members from 60 countries across the globe, the Slow Dentistry community is based on trust, continuous support, inclusiveness, open dialogue, active involvement, shared experiences, transformative know-how. It’s about obstacles and success. It’s about balance and being human. It’s about the power of individual voices, knowledge and actions that come together to create vision, change, progress and growth. A community that is a legacy.

Our future

Because the essence of our Global Network is, in fact, community-based – we’re all here to learn from each other, to motivate and help one another – ultimately this will have a positive impact on our careers, on our teams, on our clinics and, most importantly, on our patients.

  1. Inclusivity – our goal is to welcome everyone who identifies with the Slow Dentistry mission and ensure that our organisation truly represents the community it serves. We want to continue to grow solidly and sustainably.
  2. Open dialogue – we value your input and ideas, and encourage you to join us, to share your unique experiences, talents, and perspectives. This is how we can make Slow Dentistry a vibrant hub for all.
  3. Community involvement – we hope to encourage even greater community involvement and unity. We are actively seeking like-minded colleagues who share our commitment to gold standard dentistry and will be providing the tools and channels to make it happen.


We are excited about the future ahead and are looking forward to an even stronger connection with our community. To stay updated, be sure to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on your social media platform of choice: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.

Thank you for your continued support.
We’re counting on you to help us write the next chapter of Slow Dentistry. 
It’s going to be exciting!

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