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3D-Orto is a high end digital orthodontic boutique in Romania, offering a holistic experience, meaning an imperceptible treatment at every step. We adhere to the practice of slow dentistry in the belief that the patient is more important than the business model, the time allocated to each patient is an indicator of the degree of commitment, and attention to detail such as safety of hygiene measures contributes to significantly better long-term results.
Dr. Raluca Selea
3D Orto for SDGN 1 768x512
3D Orto for SDGN 2 768x512
3D Orto for SDGN 3 768x512
3D Orto for SDGN 4 768x512
3D Orto for SDGN 6 768x512
3d Orto Logo 2 768x768

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