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Dr. Piotr Puchała is passionate about endodontic and surgical treatment preceded by comprehensive holistic diagnostics. I have been treating the most difficult endodontic cases since 2006. I can't imagine everyday work without high magnification, sharp tools and lasers. In 2014, the place I've always dreamed of was created. Artists of Smile is my personal professional and development path: dentistry ruled by science, new technologies and a team of specialists united by the belief that there is nothing better for a patient than a permanent tooth. I am constantly training in the field of painless and effective endodontics, I work with the latest equipment, including microscopes, of which I am a huge fan. My other passion is periodontal microsurgery, which includes aesthetic corrections of the gum shape as well as tissue transplants and regeneration. In 2009, I created the concept of microscopic practical training "Creative Endodontics" and, as one of the first in the world, I used gold coatings on a nickel-titanium (NiTi) alloy that completely changed the properties of rotary tools. Research on coatings resulted in the introduction of rubber dam clamps in black and gold, thanks to which dental photography has gained a new dimension. I have been awarded many times in the Style Italiano Endodontic group with the title of "best post of the week" for publishing complicated cases of root canal treatment. In 2016, my post published in this group, depicting comprehensive endodontic treatment, was selected as one of the 3 best posts out of thousands of cases (Style Italiano Endodontics best post of the year). I am a board member of Polish Academy of Esthetic Dentistry PASE, an active member of the American Association of Endodontists, and I am also active in the Slow Dentistry Global Network®. I have been giving lectures and practical training for doctors since 2008. I regularly perform at conferences in Poland and around the world. The training is based on the knowledge and experience gained during everyday work in the office. Proven procedures developed in accordance with the latest global trends.

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