Cabinet Dentaire des Mascareignes

Working as exclusive practitioner in perio-impanto-prosthodontics for 20 years now Totally passionate about my job. I build from zero a clinic now employing more than 25 persons fulll time and we keep on growing I believe that being a good dentist is not only a matter of technics… I believe in empathy, emotional intelligence, compliance, understanding of human being behaviors especially when we talk about our job and all the fantasy attached to it. I’m happy to have met some professionals that shares my views and dedication to this mission and I’m glad they followed me in that path ….being part of your networks make so much sens for us and we are so grateful that someone like Dr Miguel Stanley found the motivation and the way to set up such a nice quality label.

Running a clinic of 25 persons Running a training center in implantology Very respectful of all the people who want us to take care of their dental health. Everybody is truly involved in that mission and everything we do is dedicated to this aim We provide highly quality treatments , reliables and evidence based, and we offer a full range of what you can find on the market to do so. All the specialties are reprenants in our structures in order to facilitate the treatment of our patients.

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French, English, Portuguese, Spanish

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