Cabinet Dentaire du Dr Hazan et du Dr Pedro

The dental office of Dr Pedro and Dr Hazan is specialised in esthetic and restorative dentistry, as well as the treatment of occlusal and temporomandibular disorders. Established originally by Dr Hazan, in 1988, after graduating from Boston University, the dental office has as work phylosophy, the conservation of dentition by instituting a conservative approach. In that sense, all patients who visit us, for the first time, are required to have a first consultation, which usually lasts for one hour, so we can gather all information to provide a correct diagnosis. We also instituted a no half mesures approach: All restorative work is done with rubber dam, prophylaxis and root planing is done using the microscope, and most importantly, time for our patients is never an issue. The goal is simple : never being forced to do compromises, and do our treatments as if it was our own family. To achieve a high level of excelence, the clinic also has his own dental laboratory, allowing to offer a more rapid and personalised solution for each case, as every patient is different, and requires different solutions.

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