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Dr Sadia Saif & Associates is Supervised and Practiced By The renowned Clinician Dr Sadia Saif Trained, certified & acknowledged nationally/Internationally in Orthodontics, Implantology, Periodontics, Hard and Soft Tissue Management. After Graduating from Dental School in 2006, Dr Sadia trained herself in conventional, functional, and clear Orthodontics Implants along with Hard and Soft tissue defect management. Additionally, she is recognized in the field of Rotary Endodontics, Crown/Bridges, and Smile Design Management. She has the privilege to be featured in an International publication “Divas In Dentistry” (Spain) for her incredible services to the field of Dentistry as a Women Diva representing Pakistan. She has a passion for providing care and comfort to her patients and ensures the best treatment is delivered as per international standards

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