Dr. P. D. Joshi’s Center for Micro Endodontics

Our clinic Has 3 operatories; one Sterilization Room, one Admin room, a Reception, a Pantry, and a Store room. Our Staff comprise of Dr. Joshi working in Endodontics, Implantology, and Restorative Dentistry in addition to an Associate Dentist working as a General Dentist. Dr. Joshi’s wife works as Admin with Two receptionists, and 5 chair side Dental Auxiliaries. Clinic is situated in a strategic location near Suburban Railway station on a very busy main road. Our clinic mainly deals with advanced Endodontic procedures mainly referred by fellow dentists. The majority of the procedures are related to complications in Endodontics and are performed under a ZEISS microscope Like Broken instrument retrieval, Retreatments, Apical Surgeries, Perforation sealing, and various other Endodontic cases. We also carry out many Restorative procedures like Crown, Bridge and different type of restorations like veneers, (both direct composites and porcelain laminates), in addition to simple restorations. We also deal with Implants both Placements and Restorations and to some extent on Minor GBR procedures.

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