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Dr. Wael Alhasani Aljazaeri has been on the field of dentistry for 24 years, spending half of his life on this craft. His dedication to patient care shines through in his thoroughness in dental work, and encourages healthy smile on all his patients. He promotes holistic dentistry and believe that if you have a better teeth, you will have a better health. The main goal of all his work was to provide a functional teeth and healthy gums. Smile is the best make up that any can wear.  He believes that if you want a very good service, you as a doctor should look after the quality not on the quantity of patients that you have, because at the end of the day it's the costumer's satisfaction that we are after to. Dr. Aljazaeri was graduated at Damascus University at Syria. He had been continuing his studies to gain more learning through online courses and attending seminars. He is also a member of IAOMT academy on safe mercury amalgam removal technique. He is currently employed at a dental center in Riyadh KSA at View Clinic. Dr. Aljazaeri performs procedures such as general dentistry cleanings, fillings, amalgam removals, crowns and extractions .For him endodontic treatments and extractions are the last resort of the teeth, as much as possible he tries to save them by protecting the pulp through capping. He aims to established a long – term relationship to all his patients, and it is no wonder that most of them returns and tries to find him a year after year for his excellent works and service.

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