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I am from a dentist dinasty. My late father was widely known in the Hungarian city of Miskolc and in the county of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén. He also gained national recognition as the chief county dentist. He opened his private practice in their own apartment, where he furnished a larger room with the best dental equipment of the time. He continued his private practice at home after his work at the hospital. This marked my childhood. I would sit in my father’s surgery many times as a small child and watched him work. Not only was his expertise, but also his patience and kindness towards patients was exemplary. There was no doubt that I also wanted to work as a dentist. After finishing high school, I moved to the German city of Munich for two years, where I learned the German language. After returning home, I applied and was accepted to the Dental Science Department of the Medical University of Szeged. I graduated from the university in 1998. Several times I went to Ulm, Germany, where I worked at the BWK (a military hospital funded by the German state). I had the opportunity to experience what regional dental care is like in a small village near Miskolc, Halmaj as a substitute dentist. These opportunities - from the state-of-the-art dental clinic in the military hospital in Ulm to the simplest basic clinic used in the small settlement of Halmaj - helped my professional development and progress. After graduating from the University of Szeged - Faculty of Dentistry, I stayed at the Szeged clinic and started my first private dental practice as well. During the years I spent there, I took two specialist exams: dental and oral diseases and orthodontic specialist exam. I also worked in Győr at a friend's clinic, where we treated foreign patients. In 2007, I started working at a private clinic in Sopron, where I currently work part-time, and since 2010 I have been the medical director, lead dentist of this clinic. I mainly treat Austrian patients there. As I gathered professional experience in these many cities and dental clinics, the desire to open my own surgery in the capital, Budapest, became more and more of a reality. My father's practice in Miskolc was taken over by my younger brother, who is also a dentist. The opening of my own dental office, Nádor Dental-Caring Dentistry, had to wait until 2011, but when I was waiting for the first patient in November, a long cherished dream came true. I am grateful to my family, my father, his mother,my younger brother and a family friend, for helping me make my dream come true. Every year I attend various professional trainings and courses either in Hungary or abroad, and I try to keep up with the latest dental technologies and tools. In the Budapest surgery, I have an excellent team both professionally and personally to handle the most diverse, even complicated, cases.

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Hungarian, English, French, German

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