Passionate Clinic

Passionate Clinic is Dr. Lupu's core project for clinical practice, that was established and planned to support the ”slow dentistry” movement: the patients are treated with advanced quality care. Although the clinical activity started in 2000, as a family business, the passion for endodontics led Dr. Lupu to equip the clinic with an endodontic microscope in 2009. It was a premiere on the local dental market at that time. Because Dr. Lupu has always liked to work and share the know-how, over time the clinic has attracted collaborations with specialists who wanted to join the clinic in the departments of surgery-implantology and orthodontics. Dr. Lupu believes in continuing education, which is why the clinic's team attended many specialized events. These events have become a powerful source of inspiration and have opened new horizons for the clinic in terms of medical marketing, and in 2016 Dr. Lupu and the team has laid the foundations of a new brand, reprsenting and reflecting the clinic's evolution: Passionate Clinic.

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