Tandwerk is a small dental clinic in the heart of the city Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Four dentists and two dental hygienists do what they do best, very well supported by a competent team of assistants. The office is open to anyone, young or old, with or without teeth. We specialize in complex endodontics, any dentist can refer patients to us for endodontic treatments. Continuous post-graduate education keeps us sharp and up to date. In 2006 we started using microscopy in endodontics. This changed a lot.  Rubberdam for instance is indispensable when working with a dental microscope. So we started to use rubberdam in all possible cases. Today we use 2 microscopes and almost all dental treatments are performed under magnification. The endodontic activities led to organizing a post graduate endo course for dentists: ‘Eyes On Endo’.  We invite dentists to sit next to us for half a day as we perform complexe endodontics.  They see exactly what we see on a screen attached to the microscope. The fee the dentists pay completely goes to our NGO (SEN|T) that provides endodontic treatments for people who are unable to pay for these treatments. We are driven by evidence based techniques, our internal quality drive and the feedback we get from our patients. This results in a relaxed and friendly environment were people get treated the way you want to be treated yourself. I think I speak for all members of our staff when I say: “we love what we do and we do what we love”. More info on Tandwerk: www.tandwerk.nl More info on Eyes On Endo: www.eyesonendo.org More info on SEN|T: https://tandwerk.nl/sent/ (all in dutch language)

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