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Marko Zimmermann is a doctor of dental medicine and a specialist in dental prosthetics. After graduating from the Faculty of Dentistry in Zagreb, he specialized in dental prosthetics. Additional training is completed by post-graduate studies specialist study in dental implantology - the only training in Croatia (with specialization in surgery) that enables him to implant dental implants.   Dr. Marko Zimmermann is a passionate advocate of high quality in dental medicine. Skill, craftsmanship and mastery in dental medicine are a prerequisite for providing dental services of exceptional quality. They are operationally recognized in manual dexterity and precision, educational and technological superiority, and superb mastery, which is confirmed by prosthetic works impeccable aesthetics, function and quality. These two sentences without fail describe Dr. Marko Zimmermann, his approach and the experience of the service he provides and the calling that does not work, but lives - every day.   Dr. Marko Zimmermann does not accept compromise and half-hearted solutions, for him a personal approach to the patient is not just another line in the resume - he stands firmly behind its personal approach to the patient and the premium service experience it provides. _____________ "As his virtues, he would especially emphasize empathy, dedication, composure, a steady hand and understanding. I strive for excellence and I show it professionalism. I don't give false hope, I don't patch up and I don't propose bad and/or half-hearted solutions." Marko Zimmermann, DMD, specialist dental prosthetics   Few words about clinic: The Zimmermann dental office was founded back in 1990 as one of the first private dental offices in Croatia, where among other things one of the first dental implants in Croatia was placed. Dr. Marko Zimmermann cites his father, Dr. Ivan Zimmermann, as his primary and greatest influence. Focusing on meticulousness, dedication and dedication to detail, perfectionism and proactivity are values ​​that father and son have firmly woven into the Zimmermann premium experience.

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