The Slow Dentistry Global Network has a new general secretary and it is with great pleasure that we welcome Dr. Huthaifa AbdulQader, who brings extensive leadership and project management experience to this important role in our dynamic and growing organisation.

The General Secretary & his role at Slow Dentistry

Dr. Huthaifa AbdulQader will serve as a key leader, responsible for the functional management and operational innovation of the Slow Dentistry Global Network, as he has the leadership skills and the vision necessary to direct proper administrative and reporting procedures, in order to ensure operational efficiency at the highest level. His ample background in performance management, international relations and engagement, in addition to Dr. AbdulQader’s transformational change and marketing experience, will firmly support the network’s growth goals. 

Prior to joining Slow Dentistry, Dr. AbdulQader had taken on several executive positions, serving as the director of the International Dental Research Program (IDRP), and the International Scientific Officer (ISO). In addition, he was the Vice President of Science and Research (VPSR) at the International Association of Dental Students (IADS) – the largest dental student organisation representing the interests of more than 200,000 dental students in 70 countries worldwide, located at the FDI World Dental Federation headquarters in Genève, Switzerland. He is also the current elected President of IADS for the term 2021/2022.

Get to know Dr. Huthaifa AbdulQader

When he’s not focused on all things dentistry and management, Dr. Huthaifa AbdulQader enjoys playing the Highland Bagpipes and oriental Oud with local orchestras; and is a WoodBadge holder, the highest ranked Leadership Training Program for Scouts. He also enjoys scout pioneering works, camping, hiking and kickboxing. He actively joins friendship societies in his hometown to promote awareness of the importance of cultural heritage, leverage diversity and to better understand the generational differences of society. He is passionate about periodontal regeneration and tissue engineering in stem cells and would like to parallel pursue a career in academia in the future. He has travelled the world in both private and official capacities to many dental congresses and meetings and has friends in most countries.

We are always keen to welcome high calibre professionals to the Slow Dentistry Global Network and with Dr. AbdulQader’s demonstrated executive track record and passion for winning, we’re confident that he will lead Slow Dentistry’s global operations and organisational growth with tremendous success. 

Welcome aboard Dr. Huthaifa AbdulQader, we’re excited for this new chapter together!

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