Dr Rhona Eskander
on Slow Dentistry Global Network®

We’re starting off the week with a great read on @dentistry.co.uk, brought to us by the words, insight and professionalism of our longstanding Honorary Global Ambassador, Dr. Rhona Eskander, an award-winning dentist, a speaker and a Slow Dentistry advocate who is based in London, UK.
Dr. Rhona Eskander understands that the Slow Dentistry work ethic means improving the standards of dental care worldwide by way of the four cornerstones – rubber dam, proper disinfection, anaesthesia and informed consent – and is adamant when she states that: “The genesis of Slow Dentistry is not only a blessing, but also a necessity. This is a never done before platform that the UK needs.” We couldn’t be prouder or more grateful for your ongoing support Dr. Rhona.
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