What is SLOWDENTISTRY® all about?

Dentistry is being taken over by financially driven practices and there are a growing number of clinics that seem to focus only on the “bottom line” and as such see the largest amount of patients possible a day, putting themselves and their patients at risk. SLOWDENTISTRY® is aimed at creating a global network of like-minded dentists, dental surgeons, clinicians, practice managers or small business owners and hygienists that want to distinguish themselves from their peers in their region by committing to practising a form of dentistry that is patient centric in terms of hygiene and safety. For that 4 very simple and universally accepted cornerstones were created that could be applied in any country, under any circumstance and requiring no technology or special training. The premise was for it to be able to be as ubiquitous as possible and allow the biggest number of members to join. We believe that Dentists that practice these 4 simple cornerstones , taught in every school around the world, care a little bit more for themselves, their team and their patients and as such, practice higher standards of care. They are different than those that focus simply on filling out paperwork, and doing treatments just to make profit. A SLOWDENTISTRY® Clinic usually works with less stress and is more profitable in the long run.

Why should I sign up?

Signing up to the SLOWDENTISTRY® global network brings many benefits. First and foremost you will be supporting a non-profit foundation that is aimed at bringing the message of safety, hygiene, good practice to the general public. There is no other organization in the world today that has in its primary purpose improving the public’s perception of what a quality dental appointment is all about. We are in effect creating the human Bill of Rights for a trip to the dentist. We are absolutely certain that you agree that every patient has the right to a disinfected chair for their dental appointment, and to ask for a rubber dam when having a deep filling or a root canal procedure. Yet in too many places around the world this is not offered to them or even part of the discussion. By signing up, you will be joining a network of like-minded practitioners that share a common goal. To eradicate bad dentists from the face of the Earth. You will be placed on a Geo locator on our platform so that your patients can also find you and then integrate this information with your website. You can also get special plaques and pins to use in your clinic for your social media as well as a diploma for your wall. You will also receive a PDF of all graphics to incorporate into your social media and website. Being part of our network is cool. It means that you are not only invested in the scientific aspect of your work, but that you are seriously committed to hygiene and safety in the workplace. All of your co-workers and/or employees will be very proud of you for making this commitment. There is also a big discussion around the topic of mental health. That slowing down brings a lot more work life balance and immediate benefits in mental health.

How do I apply?

To apply to our network is very simple. All yo have to do is click on the “How to become a member” button here , and follow the simple steps and commit to enforcing and practicing our 4 basic easy to implement cornerstones for you, your team and your patients. You can easily pay with your smartphone, tablet or desktop and can be done in a few minutes. You will immediately receive an email with all the information you need and once payment is received you will receive your certificate and your pins and plaque if you ordered it too. You will also be placed on our geolocator if you select the entire clinic option. Feel free to add the link that drives the most business to your clinic (website, Facebook, LinkedIn etc).
The process is fast and simple.
There is a waiting list for promotion on social media so lease bear with us, but it will happen as soon as you inform our team of your Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn handle and will only work if you follow us on these same platforms. You can send us photos of you clinic, yourself and team and we will add those to our promotion.
If you choose to remain off our social media please let us know.

Where does my money go?

All funds accrued through memberships, sponsorships and donations are meticulously managed and regulated by the Swiss government. As a non-profit organization these funds are carefully allocated to management and marketing of SLOWDENTISTRY®.


There is a misconception that SLOWDENTISTRY®is about working slow in the dental chair. This is not what we stand for. SLOWDENTISTRY® it’s all about taking your time to make the right decisions, to properly talk and communicate with your patient until they feel calm and comfortable and fully understand everything that you are going to do with them, that will also give you more time to explain potentially further treatment and even enhance your consultation. It’s all about preparing your team on what will be taking place during the procedure so they can best be prepared and have all the necessary materials and instruments ready for you, and most importantly about properly disinfecting the treatment room in between appointments so that everything is properly disinfected for a safe dental consultation. Slowing down at critical times during your day is fundamental to improve the quality of your workflow. It allows you to properly fill out your clinical notes, do your paperwork as well as reduce stress levels and improve mental health. Also if required during a procedure you need to do some extra steps to improve the quality of care, you will have time to do this. Much like the time it takes to set up a rubber down to safely perform deep restorations for your patients.
Once all of the safety measures, explanations and set up have taken place, if given your experience you can perform a treatment with lightning speed, that is fantastic. We are not for working slow. We are for working safe.

How can I afford to go slower?

We have received hundreds of emails from Dentists around the world complaining that if they were to practice SLOWDENTISTRY®, they would not be able to meet their financial obligations at the end of the month. Many countries also work with governmental programs where they are obliged to meet a certain standard of units of care per month. Dentistry should never be about just making profit or just meeting some statistic. Dentistry is a noble science that is aimed at providing care to patients that trust us to do the best for them. It should not be a concern on the part of the patient if you are going to make rash decisions that could lead to poor quality of care and worse, the possibility of cross contamination of illness such as SARS Covid-19. If you work in a clinic that does not allow you to place a rubdown in order to protect your patients tooth from saliva, or from the materials you are using, then most possibly you should fight for that change or make sure the public are aware of their rights. If you own a clinic that is more focused on seeing 30 to 40 patients a day per chair in order to keep costs down and profits stable, you should start making plans to change this business strategy as it was not one that you learnt at dental school or university, and the public will be made aware very soon of our very simple cornerstones of basic quality care . They add no more than an extra 15 to 20 minutes to each consultation time and improve dramatically the levels of quality, safety and reduce stress in the workplace exponentially. Perhaps you might have to raise your fees are little to compensate for this. Maybe you will have to start talking to your patience about safety more. After the global pandemic, we believe know Patient will want to take risks with proper disinfection protocols and it is easy to conclude that they will understand that you need to see if your patient today and that prices will have to go up to compensate. Even if you have to charge extra for a rubber dam, feel free to do so but at no point should not be made available to the patients.
All clinics around the world that as a standard practice the SLOWDENTISTRY® cornerstones, have more productive, more profitable and better results in the long run. Maybe it’s time to make a change?

What are the four cornerstones?

  • Consent
  • Disinfection
  • Pain Free
  • Rubber Dam

Read more about the cornerstones here.

What if I'm already doing this?

Many people mention to us that they have already been practicing the 4 cornerstones all their careers. They feel that they shouldn’t have to pay to become a member of an organization that is doing something that is part of their personal philosophy. To all those dentists, we applaud you! However, most probably, you are alone in your region and have always failed to explain to your patient why those clinics can offer cheaper prices for what seems to be the same procedure. By becoming a SLOWDENTISTRY® member, you can very easily explain to your patients that the extra time you invest comes at a price. But not at the cost of their safety or hygiene. It becomes a very easy way to explain that clinics offering similar yet much cheaper services are most probably cutting corners on safety measures such as the rubber dam or disinfection times in between patients and that is why they can charge less. Joining us will help you win that discussion.

What are the benefits?

We are working diligently to establish financial benefits with strategic partners around the globe from education to dental companies. This means, that if you are a SLOWDENTISTRY® member you will receive benefits in signing up to congresses, other organizations we endorse, courses as well as buying certain technologies. Some of this is already happening and the rest coming soon. We are also proud to say that many companies are also seeing the benefits in donating to this cause.
Please remember, as a non-profit foundation all funds are very specifically managed and our main target is to use these funds to promote our members to the general public.
Also coming soon or for new badges that you can unlock that will elevate your practice to a completely new status in terms of recognition.

What can I do with this membership?

Once you become a member, you have immediately set yourself apart from your peers. You can use this information in all of your personal or clinical marketing, we will provide you with all PDF and watermark graphics to use in your presentations and promotion materials. Many of our members advocate to SLOWDENTISTRY® when they are talking to new patients and find that it is a great selling point to establish trust with consumers. Also you will be on our Geo locator, and links to this could be easily placed on your website. Also make sure to find out all of the associations and organizations that we collaborate with to see how you can benefit from discounts with them. Stay tuned to our news segment as we are constantly updating information on this.
Make sure to subscribe, if possible, to the other badges that we have such as the digital dentistry badge, educator badge and business owner badge, and discover all of the exciting opportunities we have prepared for you on the website..
We promote healthy discussions between members, industry leaders, and all those that are part of a network on our platform.

How is my membership renewed?

Memberships are renewed automatically every year as long as the payment method is still working. If you no longer to renew you can email to cancel at anytime. Membership fees are annual and no refunds are made for the current year you payed for.
If no cancelation email is made , your membership will automatically be renewed and payment debited , renewing your membership for the next 365 days. This process will not be possible to revert once payment is processed.
If the renewal is desired, yet payment doesn’t go through, you will be contacted to provide a new payment method, and until payment is made, you will remain online for a limited time of 3 weeks. If our emails are not replied, and payment fails to be made, after 3 weeks you will be removed from the platform , pending your reactivation.

I have technology that makes me faster. Why should I now go slow?

Dentistry is becoming more and more advanced in terms of technology. This is fantastic as we now have tools that can help us speed up and diversify our protocols and processes. It might seem confusing to have the entire industry talking about the benefits of speed Technology can afford us and to then be a part of the SLOWDENTISTRY® global network. One thing we have learnt from all of our members, that it takes a lot of time to properly select the right technology for your clinic, to set it up, to train, and then to train your team. Most of the public take things for granted. Moreover, for every new technology in the clinic things actually slow down in the beginning as it takes time to adapt.
It takes time for you to implement those technologies into your workflow and get the best out of them. It takes time to properly use an intra oral scanner chair side. It takes time to properly analyze a cone beam CT or design a smile on a specific software. Yet all of these things improve the treatment workflow, quality and outcome if properly performed. Yet you have no way of explaining to your patient that that extra time is valuable. This is what SLOWDENTISTRY® is all about. Giving value to that time.
We have a digital badge that you can unlock if you are a digital dentist. Please click here to find out how having this badge is a fantastic way of making your patients understand the combination of being a slow dentist as well as a digital dentist.
Remember, we are also partners with the digital dentistry society where you can find out much more about all of the fantastic technologies that can help you speed up many parts of the processes in dentistry as well as improve quality of care. But they always take time to learn, set up and use.

If I am a company, how do I sponsor?

SLOWDENTISTRY® is operated and managed by a non-profit foundation based in Switzerland. As such, we are carefully monitored and controlled financially. All companies that wish to help sponsor our cause and mission, are welcome to do so. We do not accept all donations, as we need to believe that the company’s mission is one of improving the standards of care through their products, services, Software and or technologies. We also pay attention to companies whose mission statement is to lower carbon emissions and work for a sustainable future, and that also try and maintain a sense of inclusion so that all dentists around the world could aspire to work with their products. We currently offer a series of benefits for companies that wish to make a donation, these can range from a present across the website for all five badges or if it makes more sense they can select to support just one of the badges if is more appropriate. And example of this would be to have a software company support the digital badge. Or a company that manufactures ceramic implants to support the Biological dentistry badge.
Supporting SLOWDENTISTRY® is a sign that your company focuses on not just providing great tools for dentists but is also focusing on making sure they take the right amount of time to train, implement and correctly use them with their patients and teams. Many companies feel frustrated to know that doctors will acquire their products yet full short of using them correctly due to the lack of time in their busy workflow. SLOWDENTISTRY® clinics will be focused on making sure that all the appropriate amount of time is given to their products and technologies. We also support the global child dental fund, and as a non-profit their are tax ….

How do you control clinics that sign up but don’t practice the 4 cornerstones? Compliance?

Compliance is one of the biggest questions that everybody asks. Until we have devised mechanisms using the Internet of things that can monitor and control, without being invasive or that infringe upon privacy, we will be dependent on the integrity of all of our members to commit faithfully to their word based on the ethical principles that guide all doctors and dentists that go back to our Hippocratic oath of, “do no harm”. And effect, our 4 cornerstones help you not lose track of this. By applying them, you will be in effect, “doing no harm”. We also believe, that thanks to our continued promotion to the public as well as that of our member clinics around the world, the public will gain a bigger perception of what we stand for. As such, they in due course will be able to spot a member of Clinic doing something wrong. Much like they do if a clinic promotes reduced waiting times, yet they are made to wait. The public is becoming more aware of their rights, and at SLOWDENTISTRY.com we will have very specific forums for patients to write to us and share their negative experiences. We will be only processing those that would go against the four cornerstones of any one of our badges and mostly of a four primary cornerstones on safety and hygiene.

How can SLOWDENTISTRY® improve my mental health?

Dentists or famed for having one of the most stressful professions in the world, it is a profession that suffers from chronic burnout and depression and even suicide. SLOWDENTISTRY® believe, that it is not the profession that is causing extreme stress and burnout, but the way that we manage our day-to-day practice. We believe that it is the over stacking of patients and trying to fill out our agendas for whatever reason. For profit, for credits or even simply to help others. Whatever the reason, the truth is as humans, we cannot take on such heavy workloads with as dentists as our job is difficult and complex. Each patient is a completely different individual with different energies, health issues, psychological issues and the array of problems they could have in their mouths is immense. Do you have to be prepared to solve what ever comes our way and in many times with limited tools, materials and time, is inhumane. We are trained to do more complex interventions than almost any other medical professional. Our range goes from a simple oral hygiene or filling all the way up to complex extractions and surgery not to mention cosmetic work that brings a whole different level of complexities. We are trained to do things properly. We are trained to plan and execute things to the latest gold standards. We are not trained to work under stress, duress, understaffed, without constant support, yet most dentists around the world has somehow found themselves stuck in a career where they are continuously overburdened with the pressures of the job.
It is our firm belief that a dentist that abide by the basic for cornerstones that we have laid out, that are as democratic as possible, universally excepted to be true and require no technology to implement and no special training to learn, that these dentists will have happier lives, less stress in the workplace and most possibly deliver better care.
We believe that all dentists love to practice dentistry. It is a wonderful job to be able to help people. It is when we are forced to rush something due to time constraints that we understand that we are not giving our best. We are trained to know when things have not been properly performed and day after day, if those things start stacking up the sense of guilt, shame and anxiety start growing as do the complaints from patients returning after a while saying that they are not 100% satisfied with the work. It all starts to create big mental health issues and can lead to suicide as the shame of having to explain to anyone that you willingly have not been performing quality dentistry for profit is too big to accept. This is why, our members in memory clinics around the world are a shining beacon of hope, that you can be successful, provide for your family and your quality dentistry for all of your patients all of the time if you simply adhere to this for simple cornerstones. They can, in effect, be life-saving.

How do I control the marketing spend in my region?

Marketing for SLOWDENTISTRY® is where we spend most of our capital. So it’s very important that we grow. The more members we have, the more investment can be made and the bigger the impact we can have.
Remember our main focus is direct to the public. Raising awareness about our values and their rights. We tend to market most in countries we have members.
We spend on advertisement through:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google
  • Linkedin

And we hope to grow to a point where we can buy advertisement in newspapers and mainstream media.
Any member with access to the press in any country around the world, please feel free to reach out and we will back you and support you with anything you need to get this important message to the public. We will help you be s star indoor country. No dentist, no matter how critical, can argue our values. Our cornerstones are basic human rights and tough in every dental school around the world.

Why is it in Switzerland?

Switzerland is one of the safest countries in the world. It has one of the the highest ratio of guns per capita yet the lowest rate of gun related crimes. It also has incredible strict regulations on foundations and non profits. We at SLOWDENTISTRY® believe that having our headquarters based in a country that can be so weaponised yet so safe and also have the strictest regulations on business and tax that this is correlated to what we do in dentistry. We need rules to be safe. We need regulations to be honest and effective.

How can I connect with my peers?

One of the wonderful things about our organization is the simplicity of its message. I will major concern is promoting to the general public, and we understand that most dentists around the world have to also promote their businesses to their consumers. We all have so much in common no matter what language we speak, where we are from or what form of dentistry we practice. The SLOWDENTISTRY® global network is a community of dentists that share the common value of getting things right at the beginning. That planning properly, preparing carefully and communicating to your patients is of extreme value. Never before has an organization focused on the simple things. Most dentists want the best for themselves, their teams, their families and their patients, and as such have probably experienced many different forms of practicing dentistry over the years. The more senior professionals have come to learn the value of taking time to get things right the first time round. These colleagues have a lot of information to share and many are willing to do so freely. Many have courses that can teach you all of the latest techniques, yet they will also share the value of using SLOWDENTISTRY®as the foundation. As a member of our network you will have access to like-minded educators, clinicians and colleagues around the world that share the same values as you. On our platform we promote healthy discussions between doctors but you can connect with as well as dental companies, so that you can constantly and consistently improve your game to become the best version of yourself every day for your family, your team and your patients.

Can I run courses for you?

If you are an educator, we salute you! First and foremost any clinician that gives up their time to help others grow and learn to be better professionals is worthy of our respect. We understand that as an educator you have a responsibility to teach ethics and core values that are fundamental to dentistry. “Do no harm” is the foundation of those values and our 4 simple cornerstones are there to help with this.
If you have a course or training center that resonates these values and wish to have our support then please let us know. We will present your request to our advisory board and if we believe your core values are aligned with ours then we would be more than happy to provide you with promotion on our newsletter as well as all materials you might need for your course. It s also possible to reach out to our ambassadors and get them to make a video message for your course on the topic of our core values.
You must be a slow dentistry member as well as have the educator badge to have this privilege free of charge.

What is the first in region badge all about, and how does it work?

  • The first in region or country is a one time badge that can be given to the very first dentist or clinic from a region or country asking to join. It carries no extra value other than proving you were first to believe in us. It cannot be transferred, and if the clinic associated chooses to leave the network for any reason, will not be offered again.
    If the true first request to join in region/state/country chooses to not activate the badge ( for a one time fee of 999Euro), then it cannot be given out to anyone else. It simply won’t exist anywhere for that region in the future. It can be activate at a later date ,only by the very first member to have contacted us in that region, that has their membership fees up to date.
    Members that activate this badge, will have that recognition attached to their names as long as they have their membership fees up to date. If they fail to renew. It will disappear forever.

Are there any courses for credits?

There are currently no courses of any kind being provided directly by SLOWDENTISTRY® anywhere in the world. We do however actively promote cross promotion of values with leading institutions and organizations around the world as well as speakers and courses. These are however sponsored by SLOWDENTISTRY® and not organized by us.
If you have signed up for a course believing it to be a part of our Network, please verify with us to see if it’s a collaboration or not. You can see a list of our education collaborations HERE (educators).

There are unfortunately a few organizations claiming to be part of our network and trying to benefit from out incredible network and brand but can easily be identified as not being a part of us by not being on the list of valued and trusted partners 


SLOWDENTISTRY® was founded in 2015 in Switzerland by Dr Miguel Stanley and Nina Blaetler. SLOWDENTISTRY.com was first registered in 2010, and the European trademark was registered in March 2015 (confirm) it started as a grassroots movement, that was shared on stage thanks to Dr Miguel Stanley’s extensive international lecture circuit that was mostly focused on advanced implant dentistry and cosmetic dentistry backed by digital dentistry.
Nina Blaetler, has extensive experience in education and is a lecturer at Zürich University, and it has been her lifelong ambition to build impactful organizations. She had a bad experience at a dentist many years ago that did not follow our for simple cornerstones, and as a result she feels compelled to helping change this so that all patients around the world get a fair chance at safe and quality care.
Dr Stanley’s focus was always on doing things properly and ethically, and the conversation of SLOWDENTISTRY® was being repeated many times and the feedback was great. Soon, many like-minded clinicians started asking questions and were invited to be honorary global ambassadors and asked to help spread the word. Before the pandemic of 2020, the message of slowing down to properly disinfect rooms in between appointments was easily overlooked by many who were more focused on seeing as many patients today as possible. We now all know around the world, both patients and everyone in the medical profession that we must obligatorily properly disinfect everything in between consultations. This makes our 4 cornerstones absolutely mandatory. In recent years there have been many individuals that have had tried to trademark the name, opened academies and created Facebook pages with SLOWDENTISTRY® in it. We are not affiliated to anyone outside of slowdentistry.com. We have no partnerships with any organization with the name SLOWDENTISTRY® in it. We do however have a lot of partnerships with multiple globally recognized institutions that recognize our role and positive impact in global dentistry.

If I want to give a lecture for you, can I get support?

If you have been invited to give a lecture, on any topic whatsoever related to Dentistry and wish to talk about SLOWDENTISTRY®. We will be more than happy to share with you some master slides for your keynote presentation. All you have to do is email us and we would ask you to tag us on your social media and please make sure to follow us back. If you have any videos, feel free to share with us and we will put this on our social media as well. SLOWDENTISTRY® is all around cross promotion. You support us and we will support you make sure that all of the leading dentists that are part of our network and companies that sponsor us get to see your work.

Mental Health Hotline

Mental Health Hotline was created for by a group of caring professionals within our network that confidentially are committed to talking with any member that is suffering from burnout, extreme stress, depression or worse. We have setup a list of colleagues that you can email at anytime with your problems and give out your WhatsApp number and they will commit to reaching out within 24 hours to talk with you and help you with your issues. These conversations will be confidential unless you wish to help and inspire others after you get better. Remember, if you’re truly practicing SLOWDENTISTRY® you will have less stress.

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