Dealing with fertility challenges can be an emotional journey for many couples. Johns Hopkins research from 2022 reveals that “while U.S. infertility rates have stabilized, the issue persists for numerous individuals”. And we all know someone who has or is dealing with reproductive issues. But did you know that oral health can also affect fertility?

The teeth & reproductive system connection

A lesser-known factor affecting fertility is oral health. Issues like periodontal disease, tooth infections, or even lingering inflammation from tooth extractions (bone cavitations) and poorly executed root canals could play a role. Scientific evidence links oral inflammation to conditions impacting fertility, such as endometriosis, a connection that is explored in the 2021 article “Can periodontal disease affect conception?”

Men are also affected

This link between oral health and fertility applies to men too. Studies have found a correlation between periodontal disease and issues like low sperm count. For instance, the 2021 case-control study “Relationship between periodontal disease and male infertility” observed a higher prevalence of periodontitis in men with semen abnormalities. 

Couples trying to conceive should consider consulting a periodontist or dental specialist for oral inflammation, which could be key to improving overall health and fertility. Addressing oral health might be an essential step before opting for procedures like IVF.

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Written by Dr. Miguel Stanley.

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