A Slow Dentistry Experience with
Dr. Takanari Miyamoto

Considered one of the “Top 25 Greatest Educators Shaping the Future of Dental Specialty”, Dr. Takanari Miyamoto spearheads a private practice specialised in Orthodontics and Periodontics, but also in enhancing patient health and wellness.


Metro West Ortho Plus Perio is based on two fundamental pillars: extraordinary teamwork and extraordinary patient care. The team of specialists that advocates for their patients on a daily basis include Restorative Dentists, Physicians, Dental Lab Technician, Physical Therapist and Myofunctional Therapist. The collaborative team approach allows an open environment to consider diverse input and feedback from everyone, ranging from providers and patients to auxiliary team members, in order to reach the best treatment plan, based on science and advanced protocols, and always backed by Slow Dentistry. 


Metro West’s motto couldn’t be more fitting: one team, one goal = patient first.

Information about this SDE

Clinic Name

Metro West Ortho Plus Perio


Omaha, Nebraska, USA


Dr. Takanari Miyamoto

Short Description

One week Clinic Observation by dental students.

Type of Tutorship

Externship (Clinical Shadowing)


Clinic Observation

Tasks & Involvement

Surgery Observation

Spoken Languages

English or Japanese

Themes & Topics

Dental Implants, Perioodontal Surgery, Virtual Implant Planning, Radiology Interpretation by Radiologist.

Available Months

All year

Level of experience/

Minimum 4th year dental students

Character traits

Polite, passionate and mature

Accommodation assistance and food availability

Lunch will be provided. Hotel within walking distance. Interpretation by Radiologist.

Minimum number of weeks available

1-2 Weeks

Hours per day

4-8 Hours

Number of Trainees


Weekly Schedule

4-5 days/week

Trainee Benefits and Acquired skills/knowledge

Ortho, Perio, Implants, Radiology and Digital Work Flow.

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