A Slow Dentistry Experience with
Dr. Violeta Claus

Designing amazing smiles and making the dental experience completely stress-free for patients is what Dr. Violeta Claus is most passionate about. Based in Luxembourg, this is where she leads a renowned practice and dentistry training centre specialised in aesthetic and reconstructive dentistry, while simultaneously upholding key concepts such as Slow Dentistry, preventative dentistry and minimally invasive dentistry.


The entire team at this dental clinic is laser-focused on quality, excellence and human care in dentistry and, naturally, ethics and first-class skills are mandatory. The power of a smile is priceless and the goal is to always achieve long-lasting, life-changing results for every single patient.

Information about this SDE

Clinic Name

Dr. Violeta Bartalis ép. Claus


Kirchberg, Luxembourg


Dr. Violeta Claus

Short Description

Slow Dentistry clinic specialised in aesthetic functional dentistry and Invisalign provider.

Type of Tutorship

Externship (Clinical Shadowing)


New patient experience, workflow treatment planning, OHI, Smile Design, communication treatment coordination, Smilecloud, patient consultation and informed consent. 

Tasks & Involvement

Working with software keynote, dental photography, digital scan.

Spoken Languages

English, German

Themes & Topics

Smile Design, Invisalign, functional analysis and planning.

Available Months

February, March, April, May, June, September, October, November 

Level of experience/


Accommodation assistance and food availability


Minimum number of weeks available

1-2 Weeks

Hours per day

4-8 Hours

Number of Trainees


Weekly Schedule

4-5 days/week

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