I recently sat down in the Netherlands with Karma Dental Philosophy for a great webinar where we discussed so many insightful questions that are at the core of the current state of dentistry, where it’s headed and how it differs across the globe. As an online education platform aimed at providing the best dental courses, it was an absolute honor to sit down with this amazing team.

Let’s really talk dentistry

The Karma team asked some really interesting questions that opened up the discussion in various areas, all of them super relevant: What is a dentist? How are dentists approaching their own field? How do patients perceive dentistry? And how do they see their own dentist? What is the state of mental health in dentistry? How is technology and artificial intelligence disrupting the evolution of dentistry? What is the role of social media in all this? What defines success in dentistry? What will the future of dentistry be like?

A 40-minute webinar that you can see here. I hope you enjoy it, I hope it opens up some space for reflection.

There’s no doubt about it, the future of dentistry is beyond exciting and as I like to say: the golden age of dentistry is yet to come!

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