The Future of Dentistry with Karma

I recently sat down in the Netherlands with Karma Dental Philosophy for a great webinar where we discussed so many insightful questions that are at the core of the current state of dentistry, where it’s headed and how it differs across the globe.

Happynecks headrests are the best, according to Dr. Miguel Stanley

There are many challenges facing the modern dentist today. It does not really matter if you are a dentist just beginning your career or a senior practitioner with a network of clinics. These challenges all boil down to a few simple commonalities: we all have to keep our patients happy, and we all have to keep them coming back.

Dr. Huthaifa AbdulQader is our new General Secretary

The Slow Dentistry Global Network has a new general secretary and it is with great pleasure that we welcome Dr. Huthaifa AbdulQader, who brings extensive leadership and project management experience to this important role in our dynamic and growing organisation.

Bone & Tissue Webinar Biofunctionalization With Hyaluronic Acid

Dr. Stanley was invited to lecture alongside a few of the most prominent periodontist in the world to discuss a unique bio material that contains hyaluronic acid that is used to accelerate the formation of collagen. This allows for a faster and more predictable bone regeneration. As always, Dr. Stanley only chooses the best for his patients and his team.

Slow down everyone — dentistry does not need to be done at speed — Part 2

These days, there is a growing emphasis on quality over quantity, that is, preferring an object or service that is worthwhile rather than a quick and easy fix. As Dr Miguel Stanley explained in Part 1 of this series, this is what Slow Dentistry—a more patient oriented and wholesome approach to dentistry— is built on. It […]

Secrets to Success with
Dr Kyle Stanley

This week, Jana Denzel speaks to Kyle Stanley about his life in dentistry and why he is now an advocate for mental health in the profession.   Dr Kyle Stanley is a dentist from Beverly Hills, USA. He is known for his work in the field of aesthetics, dental implants, smile design, and dental artificial […]

See Less Patients in a Day

In this fast-paced world we are living in, with everybody trying to do the best they can to make everybody happy, trying to consolidate clinical success with financial success is tough. The easiest solution many times appears to be seeing as many patients a day as possible, in order to make money, but that most […]